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Mirror manufacture
The earliest known mirrors were made from highly polished metal, usually silver or bronze, and date back to pre-Roman times. Mirrors made from glass with a metallic coating can be traced back to the 12th century. The techniques and materials used in mirror manufacture today have changed little from those first used by von Liebig in 1835 when he became the first person to create a mirror by coating a glass panel with metallic silver.
The process of decorative mirror manufacture at Chameleon Mirrors starts with plain glass which is then either printed, etched, brilliant cut, sandblasted, or cut and then silvered in order to make the finished mirror. Frames for the mirrors are constructed in-house from both natural wood and metal mouldings.
The mirror manufacturing operation at Chameleon Mirrors requires a competent and reliable team of screen printers and assistants both to handle the glass for the mirrors and to scrutinise printing quality. A team of glass processors spray, silver, polish and process decorative glass, while picture frame makers and finished assembly workers complete the process prior to final despatch to the customer.
Our in-house staff training programe ensures that new recruits quickly learn specific mirror production techniques. The mirror manufacturing work is varied and interesting, working conditions are good, jobs are secure and career opportunities can grow as the company develops.
For both home and export deliveries, where a missed deadline can prejudice any repeat orders, the company will arrange delivery of mirrors direct to the customer.
As fashions alter and trends in interior design change, only minor modifications to our mirror production operation are needed in order to complement our basic product range. The buyer in the high street will often dictate design changes and so such changes are almost impossible to anticipate more than a few months ahead.
As a small and efficient company we are geared up to react quickly and effectively to customers' new specifications and we believe that the speed of our response to swiftly changing market trends is the most important factor in the company's continued success. The product, using standard production techniques, can change - like a CHAMELEON - within hours to meet the changing needs of the customer.
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Manufacturers and suppliers of Plain and Printed Mirrors, Chalkboards and other framed items.